The Division of Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology is part of the Gottfried Schatz Research Center for Cell Signaling, Metabolism and Aging. Our staff members are concerned with specific issues related to the research areas of the center. Our focus is on placental cell biology and the molecular causes of pregnancy disorders. We also investigate regeneration processes and develop new 3D cell culture models. Other research focuses on the investigation of metabolic processes in the brain and neuronal tracing with electron microscopy. Our staff members also investigate the connection between liquid biopsy and the initial tumor and the cytological connection between fasting and tumor development. This broad approach to research permits an equally comprehensive research-led and oriented teaching of medical students.

"Interdisciplinary collaboration between different research groups within the division and beyond its borders significantly shapes our health-related research. This is directly passed on to medical students in our teaching."

Berthold Huppertz, Chair


Neue Stiftingtalstraße 6 / Building C / Second floor, 8010 Graz 
T: +43 316 385 71891
F: +43 316 385 79612