Gottfried Schatz Research Center | Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology

Quality management

Our measures for quality assurance and quality improvement

Highest quality in teaching and research is our ambition.

Quality management system

We established a quality management system which ensures highest process quality especially regarding areas like “introduction of new staff”, “lab”, and “safety and occupational health”.

Introduction process

A structured introduction process enables a short start-up time to new staff members. Providing them with important instructions within a given period by nominated and qualified members of our division is part of our quality assurance.


Lab techniques carried out following to defined standards [standard operating procedures (SOPs), methodical and technical manuals] guarantee high quality and reproducibility of lab work and, accordingly, results and data.


Our team is regularly provided with safety instructions and documents, which essentially contribute to safety and occupational health prevention.

Continuous improvement

It is our objective in the view of quality management to continuously check, advance, and optimize defined standards and workflows in respect of a continuous process improvement.

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