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Medication use in pregnancy with focus on attitudes, perception of risk and mental well-being

Background: There is an unfavourable lack of knowledge about use of medications during pregnancy, attitudes and experiences with medications during pregnancy, as well as pregnant women's perception of risk associated with use of medications and mental well-being during pregnancy.

Objectives: This study aims to examine patterns and factors associated with medications use in pregnancy from a multinational perspective, with emphasis on type of medication utilised and indication for use.

Design: Cross-sectional, web-based study performed within the period from 1 October 2011 to 29 February 2012. Uniform collection of drug utilisation data was performed via an anonymous online questionnaire. Setting: Multinational collaborative study in Europe (Western, Northern and Eastern), North and South America and Australia. Participants: Pregnant women and new mothers with children less than 1 year of age.

Primary and secondary outcome measures: Prevalence of and factors associated with medication use for acute/short-term illnesses, chronic/long-term disorders and over-the-counter (OTC) medication use.


This work is supported by the Norwegian Research Council grant number 216771/F11 and by the Foundation for Promotion of Norwegian Pharmacies and the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Society.


Nordeng Hedvig, Prof., and Lupattelli Angela, Dr., School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo

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