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Research Unit Electron Microscopic Techniques


The Research Unit Electron Microscopic Techniques was established in 2014 but makes use of the long tradition in electron microscopy of the Department of Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology. Regarding our fields of interest, we are part of the Signaling Research Topic of the Gottfried Schatz Research Center and aim to use and establish state of the art techniques in electron microscopy to further our scientific projects. Current projects mainly involve neuroscience, for example a current FWF project (PI: Gerd Leitinger) striving to understand the iron metabolism in the brain. But we also aim to detect how nanoparticles can pass natural barriers, in cooperation with Ruth Prassl, Eleonore Fröhlich, and Eva Roblegg, and Ivana Vinkovic-Vrcek. Our main internal cooperation partners are Herbert Juch and Martin Gauster.


Main Methods:


• Transmission Electron Microscopy – investigating the cellular ultrastructure from thin sections. Our technology includes immuno EM, negative staining of proteins, freeze fractures, and analytical EM.

• Scanning Electron Microscopy – investigating the surface structure of tissues or cells.

• 3D electron microscopy – reconstructing structural details of tissues or cells to different scales.


Our technology includes electron tomography for fine details, and ATUMTome SEM (Automated Tape Collection Scanning Electron Microscopy) for reconstructing structures over long distances. Cooperations: We support the Core Facility Ultrastructure Analysis in developing and establishing new methods. Proudly part of ElMiNet Graz, the BioTechMed program and the BioImaging initiative, and we cooperate with Nexperion.



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